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Quote22.11.2013 13:460 people like thisLike

Thought I would join Rangers chat and see what Bears are saying about all things Rangers. Looks a good wee forum and the podcasts are really enjoyable these days.

Quote22.11.2013 14:550 people like thisLike

Podcasts?? Laughing Live shows every weekday (unless Virgin Media decide to act up) - unless you mean the archives .... Welcome to Rangerschat  Willhelm Laughing

Quote22.11.2013 15:070 people like thisLike

Welcome to the site sir :)

Quote22.11.2013 15:230 people like thisLike

Hi and Welcome Willhelm

Quote22.11.2013 17:030 people like thisLike

Welcome Willhelm to a forum/show with no censorship



Quote22.11.2013 17:080 people like thisLike

Welcome.Mate.Hope you enjoy your time here.

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