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Calling an immediate investigation into the conduc
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From CCbar_L  -


Calling an immediate investigation into the conduct of Mike Thomson of Glasgow City Council.

    1. Regimental Blues
    2. Petition by

      Regimental Blues

      Glasgow, United Kingdom

Mike Thomson currently holds the position of  Principal Officer Of Community Engagement & Public Processions which is why, due to his recent actions we would welcome an open investigation into his unbefitting behaviour while holding this position.  The reasons we are calling for this investigation are as follows:

1.Recently allowed a parade a Dissident Republican Parade to come by Glasgow's Cenotaph.  There were no restrictions imposed on this parade to hinder them from playing while passing this Place Of Remembrance, this resulted in an unbelievable show of Sectarian Behaviour from the parade participants as the bands played a song known for its hatred of Britain called 'Go Home British Soldiers'.  The group of 5 followers of this parade continued to spit in the diretion of the Cenotaph.

2.REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND - Mike Thomson allowed a Dissident Republican Parade to take place on the Saturday which is absolutely disgusting without adding any more detail, but this shocking event sadly does get worse.  Complaints were sent to this man by many people objecting to this parade and i have seen many of his replies, the one we will talk about is most disturbing.

-  The applicants for this parade were The Garngad Republican Flute Band.  If the parade is granted and then the band decide to change their name on the day for the day to Oglaigh Martin Meehan RFB then surely this would be an illegal parade due to the band applying is not actually the band marching ?

-  The changed name of the band was a tribute to a Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) convicted and notorious Terrorist.  The organisation as a whole were responsible for approximately 1,824 murders.

Mike Thomson in his correspondence to complains clearly stated that the points above did not make this parade illegal or disrespectful, there were no ground he could see for this parade to be cancelled.  He also very clearly stated that the PIRA were not a proscribed organisation (outlawed) and in turn that point could not be taken as a reason for cancellation of the parade.

The above points are the only ones we feel necessary to raise as they should be enough for Glasgow City Council to accept and give us what we are wanting.  To that end we will clarify what we want to come out of this:

- We want Mike Thomson to be put under investigation for how he approaches his day to day duties and the conduct on which he treats applicants or members of the public who are in contact with his office.

- We want this man reminded of the standards he should apply when carrying out his job.

- We demand an apology sent to Regimental Blues so we can share it with all people offended by this mans behaviour in recent months.

- We want Mike Thompson to meet with Regimental Blues Chairman to discuss matters of parading from our point of view.

- We DO NOT wish for Mike Thomson's job to be at risk over these matters as we feel this simple approach should be enough to end the above discrepancies and put in motion a fresh approach to how Mike handles parades.




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